“ℑ always look at a girl’s shoes. And if they’re heels, I wonder how she would look if she was wearing just those.”


“does anyone else-” yes

“am i the only one who-” no

“is it weird that i-” probably not

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y’all wanna talk about muslims being terrorists i live in a islamic country and we had ZERO school shootings in the history of this country SOMEONE is shooting something up and it sure as fuck aint us 


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thesecretrose: Umm I can't decide on ONE so you choose which one to rant about: Idris Elba, Tom Hiddleston & Harrison Ford


I will pick T.W. Hiddleston.

The first time I saw him was in one of the worst films ever made a.k.a. Thor. And I thought he was just ok. 

What won me over about Tom was not his acting skills, but who he is irl which is weird because films usually lure me into loving an actor and that love is solidified by who they are irl. Not the other way around. 

I watched War Horse for this man (ok Spielberg as well but mainly for his face and he was only in it for a little bit!) and his face before he dies. Oh man. It hurts. 

I was going to watch my first Woody Allen film just for him. Thank god I didn’t. But the point is that he is the snake to my Eve. Tryna make me commit mortal sins n shit. I have The Deep Blue Sea downloaded just because his naked booty is in it.

He was really hot in the Avengers, but unlike the rest of tumblr, I did not fall in love with Loki. Esp when he murked my baby Coulson. And the press from that to The Dark World has been golden. 

Like I said, I hold my white boys at a distance so it won’t hurt when they fuck up or age terribly. I have seriously combed through everything he’s ever said or done and I am terrified to say that the man has no flaws. (Ok only 2. Whoever applies his bronzer needs to be fired and the way he sits reeks of male entitlement) He’s tall, his body is to die for, he has a nice penis, his voice makes me wanna rip off all my clothes and writhe on the floor, HIS MOUTH/JAW THOOOOOOOO, his laugh, his sense of humor, his giant hands, he’s a genuine gentleman without being a douchebag, he’s sweeter than peach cobbler, he looks good with a tan and a beard, his eyes are fucking huge/emotive/bedroomy, he can go from cracking me up to (sexually) intimidating me, his hair is nice and he can dance(? Question mark necessary because I’m too blinded by my lust for him to know if he can really dance or is just hitting the bare minimum of white boy rhythm) 

He just looks (and acts) like the kind of guy who can give you the best sexual experience of your life while respecting you as a woman and treating you like a queen and I’m just really fucking into that. You don’t even know.


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when your teacher talks for an extra 30 seconds after class is supposed to end
All I’m sayin is





If you don’t know about peppermint shea butter, I need you to get yo life.

So srs


Do it

It will change yo life


For the afternoon crew.

Support Black owned businesses

omg peppermint shea butter sounds legitimately AMAZING

Honey. It is EVERYTHING. I have some. Omg. Yaaaaaaasssss.






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